Wet Rotor Circulators LOWARA

The Lowara ecocirc is a modern range of circulators for heating, cooling domestic hot water supply in both residential and commercial buildings.

ecocirc XL and XLplus: High efficiency single and twin head wet rotor circulators with threaded or flanged connection for most heating or cooling HVAC systems. Easy to install and operate thanks to a clear display and few, logical buttons. DN 25-DN 100

ecocirc BASIC and PREMIUM: High efficiency circulators for heating systems. Can be operated in constant or variable differential pressure mode or manually set to a specific duty point. DN 15-DN 32

ecocirc PRO: Small and super efficient circulator for domestic hot water. The stepless speed setting allows optimal setting and duty economy.

D5: High efficiency circulator with DC motor.

Eventually an old circulator needs to be replaced. A Lowara circulator will fit directly on most old circulators in the market. Find your replacement circulator in our 

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